« The Propoetides are represented as prostitutes living on the island of Cyprus and refusing to worship the goddess Aphrodite. Annoyed by the arrogance of these women, the so-called goddess decides to condemn the profligacy of Propoetides’ manners by turning them into stone statues. »

The Propoetides (2015)

Black and white photographs triptych, 6,3 x 9,45 inch

// This triptych presents the pastiche of a woman with a milky white body to the iconography of carnal marble sculptures, with an other obvious reference to the three Shadows atop The Gate of Hell (1880-1917) by Auguste Rodin. But here the anatomical twists evince a seductive connotation, which upsets the decency granted to the academic sculpture. Through this position caught in between, this work explores the eroticism tolerance when looking at a representation of nudity.

© Nicolas GRAFF, 2018