« Hermaphroditus bathes in the lake of Caria, inhabited by the nymph Salmacis who falls in love with the beautiful adolescent. As he repels her advances, she hugs him in force and begs his father Hermes, to be united with him forever. The wish is granted and they formed a single bisexued being, both male and female.  »

At Caria’s Boudoir (2015)

Color photograph, 4,7 x 7,1 inch

// The photograph presents a character whose anatomical features prove an ambiguity between the masculine and the feminine. An hermaphrodite individual is covering up the intersex of its body by turning its back to the spectator, arms crossed on its chest to exclude it from the sight of others. This composition transposes the viewer in a voyeuristic situation on a disturbing intimacy, which seeks to prevent the heteronormative categorization of its individuality.

© Nicolas GRAFF, 2018