« A young orator, Hypereides, undertake to defend Phryne, a courtesan accused of impiety front of the judges. Hypereides argues with rigor but the judges remain impassive. At this moment Hypereides removes Phryne’s tunic in one movement to reveal her splendid nudity to the audience. And that single action is enough to decide her acquittal.  »

Phryne (2015)

HD video, 5 min 22

// An initial situation with a lack of communication manifested by a rejection of the physical rapprochement attempted by the man, then an inversion during a nocturnal escape, and finally a new situation where the plastic disclosed by the woman doesn’t catch attention. Therefore the body still seems like an confused way to communicate with others. This work seeks to examine the implication of sexuality and physical attraction in exchanges between sexual individuals.

© Nicolas GRAFF, 2018